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Different parts of your automatic garage door can require replacement over time. The most common culprits are the springs, which go through a lot of wear and tear over the years. Cables also suffer from constant strain. Sometimes even the garage door panels will incur damage due to impact, rust or wood warping. Whatever the damage, you’ve got local Pompton Lakes garage door technicians ready to lend a hand on a daily basis. We also give free quotes on new garage doors, so – just like the customers mentioned below – get in touch with us for any service need you’ve got.


Panel Replacement - Pompton Lakes

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: A parking accident inflicted middling damage on the customer’s garage door. She needed several panels and hinges replaced, and some doctoring done on the bent tracks.
Our Solution: After disconnecting and removing the garage door, our first order of business was to inspect the tracks. They were both bent around the middle, but the customer said she’d rather we repair them than replace them. We bent them back into shape and reinforced them, and then replaced the damaged garage door panels and hinges before reinstalling the door.

Linn Jaryth - Pompton Lakes
Garage Door Installation | Riverdale

Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The customer had an unsecured garage, and his car got broken into while parked in it. He decided to install an automatic overhead garage door to prevent this from happening again.
Our Solution: We installed a Raynor Advantage series steel pan residential garage door. For the opener, we used a Chamberlain RJO70 wall mount to save room in the customer’s small garage and programmed its included smartphone app. The new garage door system performs its job admirably, and the RJO70’s security features made the customer particularly pleased.

Dustin Zigg - Riverdale
Broken Spring Replacement, Oakland

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: This customer kept track of his spring replacement history, and knew ahead of time that his pair was about to go. He arranged for a spring replacement session before either of them could break and make this more troublesome.
Our Solution: The springs were still functional, but we could see how time and use had taken their toll. After disconnecting the garage door, we eased the tension out of the torsion cones and then uncapped them to remove the springs. After cleaning and oiling their housing spindles, we installed the new pair of torsion springs and reconnected the garage door for testing.

David Jones - Oakland
LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Services

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Services

From troubleshooting to full on repairs to installing new LiftMaster garage door openers with belt, screw or chain drives.
Same-day Repairs 7-days a Week

Same-day Repairs 7-days a Week

Whenever you need garage door repair services near the Pompton Lakes, give us a call for a fast solution that same day.
Garage Door Installation With Free Estimates

Garage Door Installation With Free Estimates

See our selection of door models and consult with professionals to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.
Low Cost Garage Door Services

Low Cost Garage Door Services

From installing new openers and doors to emergency repairs and part replacement. We deliver professional results at affordable prices, day in and day out.

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