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Why is it important to clean the garage door?

It is important to keep the garage door clean because it has many moving parts that are prone to collecting too much dirt that could be lodged between these important parts. Furthermore, our experts say that a layer of dirt can cause microscopic damage to the paint or and allow rust to build up, damaging the metal itself.

Where can I get garage door parts?

There are many suppliers that can be found online who could cater to your need for garage door parts. Hardware stores also offer spare parts and replacements that you may need. However, make sure that you obtain genuine parts, preferable from the same garage door contractor that provided you with the door.

How do you know if the photosensors are malfunctioning?

It will not be easy determining if the photosensors of door openers are operational or not since they are not often used. When they work, their operation is inconspicuous. Fortunately, according to our garage door maintenance experts, most door openers have LED indicators that blink when the photosensors are malfunctioning.

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